Child Jesus visions

Visiones del Niño Jesús

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - Healings with the Child Jesus  29      Healings with the Child Jesus

Healings with the Child Jesus
In the visions of the night, I have asked the Child Jesus to lead me to get souls for his kingdom, and I have also asked him to heal sick people as he passes by.
Then I saw a man in bed, he had a knee problem, the Lord was healing him. I also saw a room in a hospital, it was like an ICU, there was a doctor and about 5 patients in beds. I heard a voice that said we are going to cast out these snakes. I understood that they were going to be healed, healing comes not only physically but spiritually with deliverance from evil spirits. The Lord heals the souls first; then the body.
I have also seen how a woman was run over by a truck, her body was under the vehicle and she was covered with a sheet.
I saw a man in an emergency room lying on a long chair, he had been in an accident, his face had wounds, possibly his neck was broken, he had temporary bandages. The child Jesus took me there to pray for him, I saw myself tiny at the height of the chair. We prayed for him, Blessed be the Lord.

Child Jesus visions

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Child Jesus visions - Healings with the Child Jesus