Child Jesus visions

Visiones del Niño Jesús

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - Manger above the altar  36      Manger above the altar

Manger above the altar
I was in my prayers asking the Virgin Mary to forgive all my sins and especially the impurities of my life, I was telling her that because of this I have much respect for her and it is easier for me to come to the Child Jesus with confidence than to her.
She granted me this vision. I saw the altar of the Church where I go daily to Holy Mass. Behind and above the altar was a high altar, about two and a half meters high.
On this altar there was the manger, filled with straw, I could see the head of the Child Jesus lying down, his feet were in front of the Virgin Mary, she was at the top of the manger with her hands on her chest slightly bent in adoration of her Son.
This vision confirms to me that Jesus is born spiritually on the altar through the hands of the Priest, and it shows me that anxiety of the Child Jesus that brings Him to the altar at every Mass that is celebrated.

Child Jesus visions

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Child Jesus visions - Manger above the altar