Child Jesus visions

Visiones del Niño Jesús

Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - The Child Jesus as High Priest  40      The Child Jesus as High Priest

The Child Jesus as High Priest
Following the previous vision, I had a vision of Jesus coming out of a tabernacle, He was smiling and very close to me about a meter away from the Blessed Sacrament.
Then I continued to pray asking the Lord to forgive me my sins. The Child Jesus appeared dressed as a Priest with a black cassock, the golden color stood out on the edges of the collar and on the seams of the cassock from top to bottom on the placket or strip that has the buttonholes and buttons, they seemed to be of light. I said to him, Little Jesus, forgive me my sins, my sin has made you suffer. I heard a voice say fut which means “it was” in French.
I thanked him for having forgiven me, but then he said to me in Spanish fu, which is a word we use when something smells bad. I felt the good humor of the Child Jesus and smiled; then I had a vision in which I found myself at a pawn shop counter.
I had placed a pair of wrinkled and dirty black socks on the counter, and even though they were worthless, there was a man there who was supposedly going to trade them for something.
Then I understood that our humanity has stained Christ's humanity with our sin, and yet He is the only thing we have to offer to the Eternal Father when we are repentant for the forgiveness of our sins.
I also thought that since several times I have seen Jesus' feet superimposed on mine, my socks have also stained Him with my humanity, and that is why they came out in the vision.

Child Jesus visions

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Child Jesus visions - The Child Jesus as High Priest