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Holy water vision.
In our house we use holy water for everything, we ask a Priest to bless us some bottles of water and we take a little of that water, we mix it with normal water and we bless it in the following way:
Touching the chest of the Lord on the crucifix, we bless this water and we ask Him to join it to the water on His side, then we say, Virgin Mary, bless this water just as you have blessed those fountains of your apparitions where the water is still miraculous. Then we say, Child Jesus, We touch your feet with this little water so that you can play with it and splash and kick it hard so that it reaches purgatory and takes out many souls who are suffering.
John the Baptist, give us that water that the Lord sanctified in the Jordan with his Baptism to bring rivers of living water to purgatory to give relief to suffering souls.
To verify that the blessing we make to the water is very real. The Lord gave me this vision.
I saw some very beautiful waterfalls with crystal clear water, they were about fifteen meters tall by about thirty meters wide. The water was flowing and I could see behind the water at a height of one and a half meters a glass jar, full of water, suspended in the air. A voice said: As in the Church.
This was to me a confirmation that the water that we bless receives the same holiness that it receives when it is blessed by a Priest.

Child Jesus visions

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Child Jesus visions - Holy water vision