Man was created in the image of God. We have a physical being in the material order, and we have a soul and a spirit in the spiritual order. God is Spirit, we are spirits too. However we must spiritualize our lives to start discovering the divine image within us.
  • Treasury of Prayers
    The way to know and love God is to pray unceasingly.
  • The Holy Trinity
    God is one, but to understand Him we must understand the Holy Trinity.
  • God the Father
    If we know the Son, we know the Father.
  • Our Lord
    Jesus is our Lord, our God, our Creator and Redeemer
  • Our Lady
    The Blessed Virgin Mary is the perfect example of holiness, she is also our mother.
  • Our Pope
    Just as Christ is the head of the mystical body the Church, our Church has also a visible head, the shepherd in charge of the flock.
  • Messages
    When we open our hearts we can listen to the Word of God. These message will inspire you.