Interior silence and meditation Interior silence and meditation

Interior silence and meditation.

Be still and know that I am God. (Ps 46:10)

Besides all our normal devotions, the practice of charity and the reception of the sacraments, we must spend some daily time in quiet meditation.

We are bodies with a mind, soul and spirit, God is Spirit. In order to become like God we must spiritualize ourselves, that is, we must try to become like Him so that the Holy Spirit can manifest in our lives more actively. When we pray we must be true worshipers that worship in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) We must live every word we pray, we must mean every word we say.

The Holy Spirit is described by Jesus as the spring of living water in a man's heart that dwells up to Eternal Life (John 4:14). When God looks at that water, He normally finds a storm taking place in our souls because of our self love. It is then desirable that we relax and become very serene, so that He will gaze at a lake of inner peace, a surface without any ripples which like a mirror is ready to absorb the attributes and qualities He longs to reflect upon us.

Our spirits must rise in adoration before God, and they will help us to pray. (Rom 8:26) In order to reach great spiritual heights, we must stop everything when we do our meditations, we must relax and sit comfortably. We must breath deeply in and out a few times before we pray, we must slow down all the body and mind activities.

God is the author of life, his life beats in our hearts every moment. How beautiful it is to meditate on our heart beats realizing that God is giving us life.

Synchronizing our words with the heart

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Interior silence and meditation