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Synchronizing our words with the heart

If we can stop and listen to our hearts, this will provide us with a beautiful meditation because our hearts throb with the gift of life, if we can also do that while we thank and praise God, then we will be praying to Him to strengthen our weakness with His gifts. When we meditate on our heart beats, we must close our eyes and be comfortably seated; we may feel our pulse by touching and holding our left wrists with the right thumb as when the doctor is feeling the pulse, later with practice we can listen to our hearts.

To synchronize our words with the heart, we must try to follow our heart beats with our words, for this we have to divide each word in syllables, the ideal situation is to have two syllables per heart beat. If the word has more than two syllables, we have to extend it somehow to fit with the rhythm of the heart.

Thank you Jesus, you are life, Thank you Jesus, be my life

Thank you Jesus, you are life !

Parts of this affirmation:

Thank you Jesus: prayer of thanksgiving
You are life: prayer of praise
Thank you Jesus: thanksgiving before receiving (faith)
Be my life: prayer of supplication

Since not everyone can practice this type of meditation synchronizing with the heart, it is sufficient just to read it with concentration and to think deeply about it. A humble element of desire and need must be added to it, in order to make it a very powerful prayer. 
It is a good idea to repeat the affirmations many times until they become very vivid in our minds so that we can live them and receive the appropriate benefit.

Many qualities or attributes of God may be very appropriate for our meditation on certain occasions, for example:

For healing: (physical or spiritual)
Thank you Jesus, you are healing. Thank you Jesus be my healing.
Thank you Jesus, you are health. Thank you Jesus be my health.

For Impatience:
Thank you Jesus, you are patience. Thank you Jesus be my patience.

For diligence:
Thank you Jesus, you are diligence. Thank you Jesus be my diligence.

For Purity:
Thank you Jesus, you are purity. Thank you Jesus be my purity.

For anger:
Thank you Jesus, you are sweetness. Thank you Jesus be my sweetness.

When praying with others:
Thank you Jesus, you are life. Thank you Jesus, be
our life

When interceding for others
Thank you Jesus, you are healing. Thank you Jesus, be
(person's name) healing

Main Divine Attributes:
God the Father: Power, Omnipotence, Justice, Divine Will;
God the Son (Word of God) Wisdom and Omniscience, Divine Mercy;
God the Holy Spirit: Love and Charity.

Other Divine Attributes shared by the persons of the Holy Trinity:
Eternity, Infinity, Existence, Grace, Mercy, Glory, Majesty, Perfection, Goodness.

God shares his Divine Attributes with all heavenly beings: Our Lady, the saints and the angels. Our salvation will bring us before God, who will make us his own reflection, so that we can share all his riches for eternity. Some of the Divine attributes have been shared with many saints who have enjoyed the gifts of God and have performed wonderful miracles to testify about the Power of God.

Virtues reflected on with human beings or qualities that God shares and expects in all human beings:

Theological virtues: Faith, Hope, Love or Charity
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord.
Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness,   Generosity, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Modesty, Self-control and Chastity.
Charismatic gifts: Prophecy, Deliverance, Tongues, Teaching, Healing, Miracles,  Discernment and Knowledge

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Extended meditations


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